From time to time we have some clean room equipment in stock.
In part, these devices are used, for example, found its use at fairs or exhibitions.

Detailed descriptions of each product you will find on our German website or get on request !

last updated of this page: 22.11.2012


2x bc-hu-t, flowboxes for object protection

Laminar Flow Tischgeräte

1x Typ: bc-hu-t-03-04
1x Typ: bc-hu-t-06-06


1x active-ventilated airlock

gebrauchte Reinraumschleuse aktiv - Austellungsstück

Typ:  bc-ptff-06-06-06


1x bc-vertical-stream-table, for object protection

Laminar Flow working bench Typ: bc-vt-07-15


cleanroom tent

a cleanroom tent / CleanoFlex-System
it fulfills the purity class 7 as per DIN EN ISO 14644-1



Sitover auf Lager

Dimensions: 1400x700x600 mm


1x cleanroom table

Reinraumtisch aus Edelstahl

made of stainless steel, V2A

Dimensions: 1000x800x780 mm


4x bc- ffu -09-12 ( Fan Filter Units )

Fan Filter Unit    Typ: bc-ffu-09-12

equipped with a pre-filter (G3) and a high performance floating (H14)


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