cleanroom: tents / cabins and mini-environments

  • It can sometimes be meaningful for the user to create individual island solutions independent of each other.
  • We plan and realise these island solutions according to our CleanoFlex System, which through their modular design can also be subsequently modified, enlarged or linked together at any time.
  • Even an expansion to form a completely enclosed, GMP-compatible cleanroom is possible. This way the user can variably scale his investment and adapt to the course of business.

In principle such minienvironments can be designed in every size and for every requirement.

Mounted, portable and therefore mobile solutions are also possible, as well as variants suspended from the ceiling.
The components can be manufactured from V2A stainless steel or powder-coated sheet steel.

We plan and design these solutions individually according to customer requirements.
Design examples:
Reinraumkabine aufgeständert und fahrbar