... Sitover, tables, wardrobes... ...

....and complete cleanroom- and lock-furniture

We manufacture every unit according to your individual specifications.




Barriers for separating various cleanroom or airlock areas.
Optionally with single- or two-sided shoe compartments, or as folding custom version.
The quantity, arrangement and dimensions of the Sitover as well as the individual
compartments can be designed individually.
As standard we also offer our sitovers in defined dimensions and versions.
With requirement on e.g. the escape routes, foldable sitovers can also be supplied.
Standard design in melamine resin coated chipboard. Optionally also in HPL solid core
material, powder-coated sheet steel or V2A stainless steel.
GMP/ FDA compatible design of the furniture is possible.

Cleanroom– and Weighing Tables

Tables for standing or seated activities.
Base optionally made form:

  • Epoxy-/ Polyester coated high profile
  • V2A stainless steel tubes, weld seams pickled and brushed.

Optionally with height-adjustable standing feet and/or mobile.

Table plate optionally made from:
Melamine resin coated chipboard, covered with HPL laminate material.
Side surfaces ABS plastic edge.

  • brushed V2A stainless steel plate with or without dimensional holes.
  • Tables are available with loading capacity up to 200kg.

Weighing Tables
with vibration-damped work plate and incl. granite stone plate.

Standard dimensions:
Material according to agreement
Individual dimensions are practicable at any time !

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