CleanoFlex: stages of expansion

The cleanroom system "cleanoflex" can be individually expand because of his flexibly module principle.
Basically you can distinguish four stages of expansion. 
We will give you a short presentation of the expansion stages on this site.

a minienvironment as a first stage of expansion
1. stage of expansion:

Due to the low-turbulence displacement flow, a single product or a single process step will be protected in accordance with defined requirements by external or internal sources.

The execution is carried out via a very flexible ceiling system, which was developed by bc-technology GmbH.
Fan Filter Units (FFU's), lamps and ceiling panels can be installed anywhere in the ceiling system or can be moved or added.

second stage of expansion
2. stage of expansion:
On increased requirements for the product or the process- or should be protected any  critical process steps,
the CleanoFlex- System can be extended easily and modular.
Through the use additional Fan Filter Units, higher cleanroomclasses can be achieved easily.
third stage of expansion
3. stages of expansion:

on further increased requirements, the cleanroom system can be equipped with a closed vacuum plenum.

To maintain the required ambient temperature return air modules can be used.
Cleano Flex as a complete cleanromm
4. stages of expansion:
As may be necessary up- and downstream process steps can be integrated and the whole area can be expanded to a complete, GMP-confom cleanroom by the installation of walls and  locks for material and persons in the CleanoFlex System.
Within the cleanroom, laminar flow areas with low-turbulence displacement flow can be installed in the critical areas.

Furthermore, the cleanroom can divided into different zones with adjustable pressure cascade.

Finally, a complete production according to GMP standards can be achieved.

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